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1050 Mini Bluetooth Jukebox

This handcrafted miniature jukebox is a replica of a 1973 American jukebox.

It is lovingly carved out of solid hardwoods, mahogany and beech by our highly skilled cabinet makers utilising all their vast experience and skill to produce a classic masterpiece.

Each cabinet is hand stained and polished to expose the fabulous wood grains found in these beautiful hardwoods, producing a totally unique and highly desirable limited edition collector’s item.

It was on August 12th 1877 that Thomas Alva Edison (the Wizard of Menlo Park) handed a small sketch he had drawn to his faithful assistant, John Kreusi, and asked him to construct the instrument.
Kreusi manufactured the machine and gave it to Mr Edison to see what it would do.  Edison turned the handle at a steady rate and spoke into the mouthpiece the words “Mary has a little lamb, its fleece was white as snow, and everywhere that Mary went the lamb
was sure to go”

When replaying these words back, he could not believe his ears with the clarity and loudness of his little machine.  From that day on the world would never be the same.  A major industry was born which would bring joy and happiness to millions of people.

On November 23rd 1889 Louis Glass of the Pacific Phonograph Co. installed an electric motor operated Edison Phonograph in the Palais Royal Saloon, San Francisco.  It had four listening tubes, and a coin slot for each tube.  The jukebox had been invented.
Many manufacturing companies in America designed and built classic jukebox models over the years, the most successful companies were Seeburg, Rowe Ami, Rock-Ola and probably the best known Wurlitzer.

Sound Leisure’s hand crafted miniature Bluetooth jukebox is based on the Wurlitzer 1050 1973 model which was produced in the vain hope of stimulating sales and help the company keep afloat.  Unfortunately it did not and the American Wurlitzer Company closed its doors 1974. Jukeboxes are still in manufacture and are used in bars and restaurants around the world bringing music to millions.  Mr Edison would have been very pleased.

The 1050 miniature jukebox is simple to use and utilises the same  Bluetooth receiver offered as an option in our full size jukeboxes. Simply use your mobile phone or device to search Bluetooth connections for the Sound Leisure signal and, once paired, audio will be played seemlessly through the mini jukebox, perfect for the kitchen, office or games room.

The Lead time on this Jukebox is : 4-5 Weeks from order

Technical Specifications

  • Hi quality audio streaming
  • Bluetooth 3.0 class 2
  • Frequency band 2.4 - 2.48 GHz
  • Operation Range = 10 metres // 33 ft Open Air
  • 12 Watts audio power
  • Twin speaker system
  • Frequency : 70 - 18khz
  • 12v 240 ac power adapter


Height: 310mm
Width: 210mm
Depth: 135mm
Weight: 3KG



Prices include VAT.
Delivery is to a UK Mainland Residence.

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