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Chicago Amusement Machine

The “Chicago” is a  machine based on those created in the late 1800’s - early 1900’s. Companies such as Mills and Caille- schiemer built these beautiful wooden cabinets with intricate detailing and carefully crafted metal casting ornimentation.

Our tribute to the early days of American bar room entertainment. Based on the Mills Chicago that was originally manufactured in 1903, a forerunner to the roulette wheel, this machine allows you to place 2p bets on the wheel colours and pays out on a win. The Chicago features a hand built wooden cabinet with intricate dealing and carefully crafted ornate castings. Available as a stand alone or as with this version a Bluetooth enabled valve amplifier and speakers. For home use only and avaialble in spring 2019, orders being taken now..

Technical Specifications

  • Hand built in the UK by Sound Leisure
  • Includes Hybrid valve amplifier / transistor output
  • 20 + 20 W RMS
  • Valve equiliser
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Aux inputs


Height: 1580mm
Width: 890mm
Depth: 440mm



Prices include VAT.
Delivery is to a UK Mainland Residence.

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