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Leader Football Table

The Rene Pierre Leader football table is a high quality home table with a solid wood cabinet and attractive red trim.

The 14mm sturdy telescopic rods are not only flexible, but are attached with inner and outer springs that cushion the inner table sides from unnecessary rod impact. In addition the attached ergonomic hand grips allow players to maintain a firm grip during performance, enabling a fast, yet controlled game. The players are not only individually hand painted in striking blue and red but are laid out in the traditional european formation of 1,2,5,3. Furthermore they have been built from solid metal, meaning that the chances of them cracking or splitting are very slim. A popular stylish table designed for indoor use

Technical Specifications

  • 4ft 8 inch high quality foosball table
  • One of the most popular Rene Pierre models
  • Reinforced base for added stability
  • High resistant telescopic rods
  • Green linoleum play field for shooting precision and power
  • Reinforced base for added stability
  • High resistant 14mm telescopic rods
  • Ergonomic handle grips
  • Outer & inner auto-greased rings - grease allows rods to slide through the rings - little or no future maintenance required
  • Metallic players are hand painted in Blue vs Red teams
  • European 1-2-5-3 formations
  • Two revolving goalies
  • Telescopic rod springs - cushions inner table sides from rod impact
  • Score counters at each end of table
  • Ball return pocket on one side of the table


Height: 900mm
Width: 1050mm
Depth: 1530mm
Weight: 73KG



Prices include VAT.
Delivery is to a UK Mainland Residence.

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