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RSD2017 : Our top5 vinyl R&B tracks you probably never heard of…

21st April 2017

With Record Store Day tomorrow (sat 22nd April) we know that those of you with a Vinyl Playing Rocket Jukebox will be out there supporting your local independent records stores and crate digging for some voice pieces of vinyl! or, at least, we hope you will be! We thought we would give you a few of records to be on the look out to stock your Rocket Jukebox. You will have no doubt heard all the jukebox 50s and 60s classics but heres our hand picked top 5 R&B tracks that you might not have heard of and that will get the party in your kitchen jumpin’ and your guests asking “This is amazing - who’s this?”  All these tracks are available as reissues so not amazingly hard to find… ENJOY!

Let us know what you think of the tracks and the suggestions. This feature might progress to different genres and decades!

1. Lenny Johnson - Walk Ginny Walk (Bethlehem)

This pumping soul filled R&B track has piano vibes reminiscent of little Richard but its the strong vocal element and the hook of “She’s got a wiggle when she walks” that really sets the track apart - easy to remember and a joy to dance to!

2. Sam Butter & the witnesses - Bim Bam (Capitol)

Great fun jump record by Louis Prima’s backing band. Don’t forget to shake your hips to the “come on baby lets………”

3. Les Brown Jr - Swingin’ & Surfin’ (crescendo records)

Not to be mistaken for surf guitar legend dick dale’s version, drummer Les Brown jr packs all the punch to get the dance floor groovin’ but its also the brass sections and guitar that makes the whole package come together.

4. Lula Reed - Puddentane (Federal)

Straight out R&B soulful track with Lula Reed’s often overlooked incredible vocals. All the shout and snarl of Aretha with a more hard finished, rough backing - often with Guitarist Freddy king.  This track and a few other Reed tracks are available on the highly recommended “R&B Hipshakers” Vinyl box sets.

5. Charles Sheffield - It’s your voodoo working (excello)

A great curve ball of an R&B dancer with a little hint of mysterious wailing to give what is a fantastic track even more of an edge.