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Current Stock

Sound Leisure regularly sell ex demonstration jukeboxes, accessories and Pre owned machines. Any product that is sold under this category undergoes a strict test procedure in the factory and will benefit from a factory warranty. Our sales department will be able to offer assistance and information on any of the products shown.

Manhattan CD Jukebox

Finished in Medium Oak, this 80 x CD playing Juke has the Diamond Pack lighting installed. The machine is in excellent condition and has been used in Sound Leisure’s showroom as a demonstrator. Can have Bluetooth installed if required.  

£5880 inc vat.


Starlite CD Jukebox

We have a number of our stunning Starlite / Music Express Jukeboxes. These ex site jukes have been fully serviced and re - sprayed. Holding 80 Compact Discs and having a full CD Album title display these machines will make a stunning centrepiece to any location.  One of the best sounding CD Jukes you will ever hear. Offered with a 6 month warranty. Please call or email us for more information : Lead time 6-8 weeks.

£2195 inc vat.