Standard Products

SLRetail products are designed & manufactured in the UK

Our range of standard products are available to use as part of your own installations. Our range of speaker systems offer a wide variety of solutions using both transducer flat panel technology or standard cone driven speakers.

These products are available to order “off the shelf” however, SLRetail can design and manufacture bespoke audio and video solutions, vacuum formed items and bespoke wooden features for your installation. If you would like to discuss any of our products please contact us.

  • Manufactured in the UK
  • High quality & durability
  • Full technical support before and after sales
  • Over 35 years of design & manufacturing experience
  • Bespoke design and build services available


Proud to manufacture in the UK

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“The ClearSound window speakers are the most innovative way of allowing customers to hear audio outside the store
The unit stays inside… The audio is heard both outside and in…”

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Sound Leisure has all the facilities in-house to deliver a multitude of design & build opportunities.

A motorised “big wheel” for the window of an estate agents in London, Re-creating a 1950’s tailoring experience for a museum in Leeds and a 50 foot interactive climbing experience are just a few of the projects SLR has been involved in recently. Each is very different from the next however the exceptional design skills and manufacturing techniques of SLRetail staff allow us to overcome any obstacle in order to realise the vision for your installation.


Sound Leisure have been manufacturing high quality products since 1978. Our cabinet makers are true craftsmen and women with skills to hand shape, curve and sculpt wood of all kinds. Our team of electrical engineers have designed and built everything from state of the art tube amps to complicated triggered lighting and sound systems for interactive environments. We treasure the knowledge and skills of our team and use an apprentice system to ensure these dying manufacturing skills are passed from generation to generation.


Although SLRetail is in tune with the finer points of hand manufacturing, we also look to new technologies and systems in order to stay at the forefront of the industry. Automated CNC machines take care of the bulk of flat cutting and 3d design and engineering systems allow us to ensure the product is designed and works to its full potential prior to manufacturing. Processes such as these allow us to develop future products that we can then apply to bespoke builds and installations.


When working with a client on a bespoke product or installation we always listen. We will work with you to provide the solution that is best for you. Whether this requires us to design to specification or to think out of the box with innovative ideas and solutions, SLRetail has the vision to make spectacular things happen as well as the know how to make sure they are built to last and work without a flaw.

Here are just a few of the services SLRetail can provide.

    • Full Wood shop with experienced cabinet makers
    • State of the art CNC facilities
    • 20 tonne veneer press
    • 3 booth spray shop
    • Metal shop with experienced metal engineers
    • Vacuum forming facility
    • CAD & Solidworks design facilities
    • In-house graphic design
    • In-house multimedia and animation designers
    • In-house computer devlopment
    • Fantastic after sales support
    • UK / Europe wide installation team
    • Full project management


“SLRetail has the vision to make spectacular things happen, as well as the know how to make sure they are built to last and work without a flaw.”