May 2015


Colour Sound – speakers that shine in the strangest places

Sound Leisure is launching a new range of speaker solutions at this year’s PLASA Focus show, which is being held at the Royal Armouries in Leeds this week.

Colour Sound is a range of LED-lit flat panel speakers that add a unique and colourful solution to all types of venues, including clubs, arcades, gyms and retail outlets. The output of a Colour Sound speaker radiates through 360 degrees meaning that it can be placed in all sorts of places that a traditional speaker would not be able to service.

“Not only is Colour Sound very attractive to look at, it is also supremely flexible,” says Sound Leisure Managing Director Chris Black. “It can be hung from high ceilings and placed in other difficult and unconventional spaces that used to defy the capabilities of most speakers on the market. We are expecting a high level of interest at PLASA for this fun new range.”

Colour Sound is available now from Sound Leisure in a multitude of colours to suit any décor.


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Wooden faced, steel cases to house some rather expensive articles. LED lit and a very expensive lining that preserves the exhibits and prevents tarnishing

Museums : Lotherton Hall

One of the main aspects of SLRetail is the work that we carry out for Museums. This includes the design, manufacture and installation of bespoke furniture, discreet interactive audio devices and creative work.

We were privileged to be invited to Lotherton Hall near Aberford, Leeds last night for the opening of their new fashion gallery and the launch of the “Age of Glamour” exhibition. A fabulous exhibtion that harks back to 50’s Glamour and the retail outlets such as Marks and Spencer that evolved on the Leeds high street to supply the latest fashions to the ever increasing number of wealthy residents in and around the city.

Whilst walking round the beautiful house we began to realise how much work we had actually undertaken over the past few years, below are just a handful of projects that we have been involved with, ranging from interactive telephones that provide archived sound bytes of life in the old house, cabinets for the education side of Lotherton’s work and interactive tables. If you are ever close to Lotherton Hall we fully recommend a trip to this wonderful house and its grounds.


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Carlton Estates “big Wheel”

SLRetail was asked by exclusive London estate agency Carlton to create a working big wheel model for their shop window. The wheel, instead of “cars” would have mounting systems to slot the latest properties on offer. The wheel was to be nearly 7ft tall and motorised.

No problem.

Carlton Big Wheel-3 Carlton Big Wheel-4 Carlton Big Wheel-7 Carlton Big Wheel-8 Carlton Big Wheel-9

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PJ Morgan 70s tv window installation

Sound Leisure’s Special Project’s department has completed a bespoke installation for a leading estate agent in London.

The customer wanted a retro 1970s theme for its renovated shop; to incorporate a replica 1970s style TV screen, a table and even some books and imitation wallpaper to hold photo frames. The installation housed a 32inch high brightness screen and media player, which can be used to display promotional material.

“This is the second installation we have completed for a London estate agent. The client wanted something that was eye-catching and unique. They had seen work that we have previously completed for another estate agent and asked us to come up with a 1970’s theme for their recently renovated shop. The final design and installation look out of this world and the customer is delighted,” said Sound Leisure Managing Director Chris Black.

The design team worked alongside the client to come up with a visual impact that would envoke the feel of the 70’s. Everything from the 70’s lettering, lazer cut from white acrylic and mounted on “standoffs” to  the orange curves of the bespoke table – measured exactly to fit in the small confines of the shop window.


Sound Leisure’s special projects team and the SL Retail division maintains a unique position among some of Europe’s best-known retailers, creative agencies, architects and shop fitters as a developer and manufacturer of innovative audio and video solutions for the retail, leisure and exhibition sectors.  The 70s Style TV was designed and built in house at Sound Leisure. Inside a media player running from a compact flash card allows easy update of the content.


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