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Carlton Estates Rocket 88 property display.

Sound Leisure were recently approached by London based estate agents Carlton to produce a custom Rocket 88 Jukebox for their shop window in Islington. This, of course, would not be a problem,this is the sort of request we deal with all the time here at Sound Leisure. Something our skilled engineers can build in their sleep. Then they told us their plan. This was not to be a jukebox in the regular sense, a standard box that we could customise using different colours and specifications to make it unique. This jukebox was going to be something different entirely, it wasn’t even going to play music!

The difference with the Carlton Rocket 88 was that instead of the 80 disc CD mechanism usually found in all our CD jukeboxes, an automated 20 page “flip style” picture display would take its place. The design was actually similar in style to the title rack systems that display the track listings on our jukeboxes although it was to be large enough to hold A4 sheets showing the latest properties available in the area.

The display mechanism would automatically flip through the pages, pausing for an allotted time before flipping to the next page, allowing the public outside the window to see the properties to rent or buy. When the mechanism reached the end of the pages it would flip back again.

In addition to the display mechanism the Rocket would feature an aluminum cast Carlton logo on the front grill and custom artwork for the marquee.

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