The ColourSound LED suspension speaker solution from Sound Leisure Retail is Ideal for shopping malls, supermarkets, gyms, clubs etc, adding not only spectacular directional sound but stunning LED light too!

The ColourSound output radiates through 360o allowing the speaker to be positioned above an area perpendicular to the floor. This allows audio to be heard beneath the speaker where a conventional speaker might not be able to be me mounted.
Hung or mounted flatly the sound eminates from both sides of the speaker allowing for sound to travel both in front and behind the unit. This allows the ColourSound to fill the most unconventional spaces with sound.

The ColourSound is Lightweight yet can cover large areas with clear radiated power.

Added to the spectacular sound capabilities the ColourSound features low watt, super bright LED’s housed within the frame. These give the ColourSound its distinctive look and are available in Red, Blue, Orange and Green.  Artwork can be mounted to the flat panel for great advertising possibilities.


  • 30 watts Rms

  • 8 ohm

  • Line output tx available

  • Colours: Red, Blue, Green, White, Yellow.


  • DIAMETER : 650mm
  • DEPTH : 60mm
  • WEIGHT : 2.20kg

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