The TalkieTiles : Ceiling tile loud speakers are an incredible, un-intrusive way to incorporate a sound system into environments with a hung “ceiling tile” system such as a shop, office or showroom.

Sound Leisure have been manufacturing flat panel loudspeaker products since taking an NXT General Licence in 2007. In introducing a new ceiling tile product for the retail and commercial market, SL believe that the sound now being delivered from a flat panel is far superior than that of a few years ago. New Transducers plus further understanding of the acoustic characteristics of panel materials confirm these improvements.

DML (Distributed Mode Loudspeakers) fill a room with ‘even’ sound allowing a person to stand next to the speaker without being deafened whilst a person standing a few metres away will also hear the sound at the same level, it has no point source and it is therefore difficult to know just where the sound originates. 100 volt line or 8ohm low impedance options are available.

No unsightly holes need to be cut in existing tiles, just drop the acoustic loudspeaker tile into the ceiling grid. Flat panels are renowned for their clarity when delivering the spoken word and therefore make these tiles ideal for indoor public address systems and background music.

DML’s are also perfect for Sound Masking which is widely used in America and is finding it’s way into the UK, a great way of keeping conversations private in a crowded place such as call centres, hospitals, doctors surgeries, banks etc anywhere you don’t want to be overheard or anywhere that over hearing other peoples conversations can be a distraction and cause concern.



Loudspeaker Type : DML
Power Handling : 20 watts
Nominal Impedance : 8 ohms ( 100 volt line option available) Sensitivity 1w/1m : 88dB


Width : 590mm
Length : 590mm
Depth : 4mm

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