As we celebrate our 45th year of manufacturing Jukeboxes, we are thrilled to announce a momentous collaboration that is sure to captivate the hearts of music enthusiasts around the world.

In a move that epitomises our commitment to quality and innovation, we are proud to have forged a historic partnership with the Wurlitzer family, an iconic name synonymous with Jukebox history. This collaboration will see the reintroduction of Wurlitzer Jukeboxes to the marketplace in 2024, an endeavour that holds special significance for us, given our long-standing admiration for the timeless designs and musical legacy of Wurlitzer.

Our company has drawn inspiration from the aesthetic and cultural influence of Wurlitzer Jukeboxes for decades and through the years, we have strived to pay homage to their classic designs while incorporating modern technology. Thus, it feels only natural and fitting that we have embarked on this journey to breathe new life into the Wurlitzer Jukebox, a name that means music to millions!

The range of Wurlitzer Jukeboxes will be available as CD, vinyl 45 and vinyl LP formats, all of which will be based on the 1015.

The Wurlitzer models will form the beginning of our new “Exclusive range”, offering unrivalled quality.

More detailed information regarding pricing, images and specifications will be released over the coming months, production is set to commence in January. Our focus is on creating Jukeboxes that not only honour the Wurlitzer legacy but also exceed the expectations of our customers.

To register your interest in this new iconic range, please contact us