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Victoria & Michael

Victoria & Michael

"We always wanted a classic 1950s style jukebox but felt we had no room in the house to put one. So when the opportunity came up to put one in the newly built conservatory we jumped at the chance!  ..."

Sound Leisure takes on Japan with new partnership

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Sound Leisure takes on Japan with new partnership

5th November 2018

The worlds only manufacturer of vinyl jukeboxes, Sound Leisure has announced that it has partnered with Flat 4 as its official distributor in Japan.

Flat 4 will hold a range of Sound Leisure CD and...

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Made in UK

Proudly Built in the UK

Handcrafted in the UK for over 35 years, Sound Leisure Jukeboxes are made from the highest quality materials by highly skilled craftsmen and women.

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Jackie Brenston “Rocket 88” 45rpm single

The arguments over what was the first ever true ‘Rock’n’Roll’ record can never be proven. Even in the 1930’s and 1940’s, there were many examples of striding swing and 12-bar blues that could have easily influenced the direction of this genre of music.

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Mini Bluetooth Jukebox

This handcrafted miniature jukebox is a replica of a 1973 American jukebox.

It is lovingly carved out of solid hardwoods, mahogany and beech by our highly skilled cabinet makers utilising all their vast experience and skill to produce a classic masterpiece.

Each cabinet is hand stained and polished to expose the fabulous wood grains found in these beautiful hardwoods, producing a totally unique and highly desirable limited edition collector’s item.

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